The Nigerian dream

The hunt for powerTo the game of thronesThe fight for richesTo the greediness of controlAll with lack of understanding Purposefully ignorantIntentionally unconcernedAccumulating debtsAt the expense of citizensHoarding basic amenitiesTo control the narratives The Nigerian dream?To japaTo love home from abroadTo build from far awayTo have better opportunities My Nigerian dream?Also to japaBut most importantlyTo be…More


It’s that time of the yearWhere we mourn our heroes pastDressed in all black, candles are litWe remember the courage of yesterdayWe salute our heroes gone It’s that time of the yearWhere we reflect the government’s pastDressed in bravery, we stand on our feetWe remember the fear they brought our wayWe salute those that stood…More

His blood

Washed in His precious bloodEver flowing, it’s still cleansingShed for reconciliationHe bled for my salvationPainstakingly going through it allJust so I could bear His name Washed anew in His priceless bloodEver prevailing, it’s still healingPaid every debt I oweCleared every guilt of mineMaking me a conqueror through ChristAnd His righteousness through Christ Washed thoroughly in…More


Loud empty voicesLifting up hearts in praisesLoud barrels without pausesDripping arrogance Empty vessels on high volumeVoid voices blowing ghastly fumeEmpty vessels with words that consumeVoid voices intent on bringing doom Choosing to be the voice of horrorIntent on making it a vessel unto dishonorProclaiming good news gone sourLimiting their chances to soar Picking death over…More


Light as a wordbrings understanding Light in the worldshows forth glory Light as lighterases darkness Light as a weapongives a blinding victory Light in youmakes you outstanding Light with youmakes you stand out Light through youmakes a different Light from youcauses an illumination Light dining with yougives enlightenment Light as yougives a memorable encounter You…More

Goodbye, LIFE!

A way to end the painA road that leads to oblivionAnything to stop this oppressionTaking full dispositionThe voices in my head become my bane The gun calling out to meThe pills taking the form of candyBeckoning on me to overdoseSharp objects become attractiveLusting after my skin Selfish thoughts clog my mindLike “will I be missed…More

Run to the father

I need youI need something real I’m lost without youOrder my stepsBe my lead I come emptyI come runningFill me till I overflowTill I have need of nothing else I come brokenI come woundedMy heart needs fixingMy soul needs a friend I run to youBut you’re already running to me I fall into your armsI…More

Open up!

Open the windowsRoll up the blindsBreathe in, Breathe out! Open up your mindOut with the oldIn with the new Open your closetsDeath to the demonsBye skeletons! Open your eyesHere comes lightDarkness be gone Open your mouthTalk the sorrowsYou took today but not tomorrow! Featured image from Google God loves you ❤️More